Editing a Post

To edit an already existing post, navigate to the following section within your dashboard.

Dashboard > Content > Posts

From here, you can view the full list of posts currently available on your site.

By selecting the title of the post you wish to edit, you will open the post editor page where you can make any changes to the content that you wish you to make.

When finished making the changes to the post, select Update or Preview Changes. Update will make the changes live on the site, Preview Changes will allow you to see the changes you made before updating those changes live to your site.


Or, you can hover the post you wish to edit and more options will be made available to you to edit the post. Below you'll find more details into what each option will do when selected.

  • Edit - This will open the full editor of the post, allowing you to make changes to the title, content, status, visibility settings, publish date, display options, categories, tags, SEO information, Display Options, Custom Sidebar, & Featured Image.
  • Quick Edit - Selecting this option allows you to edit the Title, select pre-existing categories, add tags, slug, status, Date (publishing date), Author, & Password if the post is password protected. When you are satisfied with the changes, simply select the large green "Update" button, or "cancel" to undo your changes without saving.
  • Trash - This will move the post to the Trash, or delete the post from the site
  • Preview - Displays the live version of the post currently available on your site
  • Clone - Creates an exact copy of the selected post
  • New Draft - Creates an exact copy of the post and opens the new post editor simultaneously
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