Adding Media

Unlike a normal website, inserting media within a post or page is relatively simple within the Momentum Platform.

Embeddable media includes the following types:

  • Images
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Documents of various types

Follow these steps below to embed your media into your content.


Step 1 - Cursor placement

The first step is selecting the place you want the media to appear. Place your cursor within your text to place the media inline with your content, or place your cursor on a blank line to have it appear alone.


Step 2 - Select the Add Media button

Now that you have spot you want the media to appear, selected. Click on the Add Media button to open up the media uploader interface. 

From here you can choose to Upload Files for add new media to your site, or select from pre-existing media within your Media Library. For new media, you may also simply drag and drop the media anywhere within the media uploader interface. 


Step 3 - Attachment Details

The attachment details pane will allow you to see a small preview or icon of the media uplaoded. This also allows you to update information regarding the media including the filename, date uploaded, dimensions for images, and length for audio/video files. 

  • Title - The given name for the media
  • Caption - Brief explanation of the media
  • Alt Text - Describes the given media
  • Description - An explanation of what the media is displaying
  • Custom URL - Points your attachment to a custom URL
  • Custom Target - Set a custom target for your attachmen


  • Alignment - Left, Center, Right, or None
  • Link To - if the media selected this is where the user is directed. Media File, Attachment Page, Customer URL or None if you want the media to not be linked.
  • Size - Thumbnail, Medium, Large, Full Size

Additionally, you also have the option to Edit Image, which allows you crop or resize the media, or you can also Delete Permanently to remove the image from your site completely.


Inserting Media

Once your embed settings are set, you can now click the Insert Into Post (or) Insert Into Page button.

Image details and alignment settings can be changed even after the media has already been added to the page or post. Simply click on the image and options to set the alignment and edit the details will appear.


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