Adding Galleries

A image gallery is a fantastic way to share any number of pictures on your Momentum Platform site. To get started, head to the following menu within your dashboard.

Dashboard > Content > Photo Gallery


 Select the "Add Gallery" button to begin.
*You can also edit any existing galleries listed below the "Add Gallery" button by hovering over its title.


Start by adding a title to your gallery. This will make it easy to identify, should you ever want to make changes to your gallery in the future. The  Gallery Title won't show up when inserted into your page or post.

Next select the "Add Media" icon. Simply drag and drop your images into the media uploader, or select any pre-existing image you want to feature in your gallery. Once the images are uploaded and selected, select the "Add Media" button found in the bottom-right corner of the media uploader.

Next, customize your gallery using the following Gallery Settings found just beneath the Gallery Items section. You can find more info about these settings further down within this article. (click here to scroll there now!)

Once you are finished tweaking the style of your gallery, Click the "Publish" button. Next, simply grab your Gallery Shortcode and you are ready to add the gallery to your site. 

Adding the Gallery to Your Page

  1. First you will need to open the page editor of the page/post you want to insert your gallery
  2. Place your cursor exactly where you want the gallery to show up within your text. If it's between two blocks of text, consider adding a return and placing your cursor on the new line. This will give your gallery the extra space it needs to shine!
  3. Next, paste in your gallery shortcode (example: [foogallery id="696"]and update your page/post.
  4. Congratulations, you've successfully inserted a gallery into your site!


Gallery Settings

Gallery Settings

  • Responsive Image Gallery - places your images within a responsive grid, allowing your gallery to look great regardless of the device it's being viewed on. 

  • Image ViewerThis setting puts your gallery into a slider. This shows only a single image at a time, but allows visitors to flip through all images with ease.

  • Justified Gallery - This display all of your images together similar to the responsive viewer, but keep the dimensions in perspective for each image. 

  • Masonry GalleryStacks the images on top of each other, similar to bricks in a wall.

  • Simple Portfolio - This is a great way to add details to each image for your visitors. Keep in mind that this template works best when you utilize the captions and descriptions for each image used in the gallery. To change the captions or descriptions of your images, simply hover over the thumbnail and select the "i" icon. 

  • Single Thumbnail Gallery - This is a great gallery to keep your pages from feeling too cluttered. When selected, it only displays the first image in your gallery on the screen. Have no fear, all your images will appear once the image is clicked thanks to the mighty "lightbox" feature. (Learn more about the "lightbox" does below!)


Lightbox (FooBox Free) - When a photo is clicked, a "lightbox" viewer will blow up the image and allow visitors to flip through all of your images within the gallery. Other settings include ...

Spacing - the distance between your displayed images.

Alignment - positions your images on your site. Select from left, right or center.

Loading Indicator - Displays an animated loading animation to show that the image is loading.

Thumbnail Settings
Thumbnail setting vary depending on the current Gallery Template selected for your gallery. Common settings include the following

  • Size - Set the width and height of your image thumbnails. You can also chose to crop your thumbnails to be the exact dimensions set within these fields.
  • Link - choose to link each of your thumbnails to the full size image, a separate attachment page, a custom URL, or nothing at all.
  • Border Style - border style of your thumbnails
  • Hover Effect Type - type of hover effect your thumbnails will use
  • Icon Hover Effect - this is the icon to be used in conjunction with your selected Hover Effect Type

Custom CSS
For advanced users, this can give extra control over your gallery.

Gallery Shortcode

A bit of shortcode generated with each new gallery created. Simply copy and paste this shortcode into your post/page and your gallery will appear!

Gallery Usage
displays the posts and pages the gallery is currently being featured on.

Retina Support

Adds additional pixel densities used for your images. This can increase the quality of your thumbnails on smart devices, but will also generate additional images which will increase your website's storage space.

Retina Support

Adds additional pixel densities used for your images. This can increase the quality of your thumbnails on smart devices, but will also generate additional images which will increase your website's storage space.


Gallery Sortings

Set the way you want your images to be sorted within your gallery.

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