Call To Action

The Call To Action feature is a space near the bottom of your site where a common Call To Action can be found. This feature can be easily integrated into each page/post found on your site and is a great way to direct visitors to the page of most importance or to suggest that they call you for more information.

To access and edit this feature, simply go to Build > Options > CTA

Once selected, the settings for this feature will appear.

  1. Start off by setting the Title of your CTA
  2. Add a little more detail within the Description.
  3. Button Text should be a simple, short Call To Action message. (example: Learn More, Contact Us, Request A Quote, ETC..)
  4. Link: this your button here to the page you wish to send your visitors.

Finally select a Background Image for your CTA. Images will automatically be converted into a pattern in the background of your CTA section. If no image is used, a default background color will appear in its place. For further modifications to this section you will require some basic knowledge of CSS

Simply Save, and your CTA feature is all set and ready for action! 


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