Categories and Tags Basics


A category is a helpful way to organize or group your posts in a thoughtful way. They are generally used as a way to group post topics on a broader level (than tags for example).

Categories can be used to display posts from a specific group or displayed in a list format for navigational purposes.

Posts can also be assigned more than one category, where the categories can then be organized hierarchically. Note: A post must be attached to at least one Category. A Momentum Platform site will automatically file new posts in a “Uncategorized” Category if you do not create one.

Examples of some categories might be: News, Videos, Reviews, or Photography.


A tag is similar to a category but within a smaller scope. Tags are used to describe all or part of a post. It’s also a great way for the reader to learn what the post is about. A post may have several tags, relating to various parts of the post, however they are not required.

To add new tags to a post, select the Quick Edit option while hovering over the title. Then, type in the tags using commas to separate them.

Examples of tags might be: iPhone 5s, Sony, digital camera, or architecture.


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