Logo Carousel

Logo Carousel

Proudly display the logos of your affiliated groups, top tier suppliers, or any other set of scrolling images using our new logo carousel. No more clustered displays of logos, now you can automatically scroll through them and add some nice visual flair to your site.


The Logo Carousel can be a very useful feature to display a collection of logos. To add, delete, or make changes to the logos can be done easily. Simply go to your "Build" tab, select "Options", and head on over the "Affiliations". Let's take a look at some of these options here.


Toggle Display

  • Static: This is perfect for a small amount of logos (2-5). All the logos will be displayed and no scrolling effects will take place.
  • Carousel: This works great if you need to display a large amount of logos (5+). The logos will be continuously scrolling automatically.


Affiliations Title

This option will change the heading of the Logo Carousel. Simply type in the box of what you wish to call your collection of logos (ex. Affiliations, Certifications, Partners, etc.). This field is not required.


Affiliation Logo

Here is where you can add/delete logos and edit the links. To add more logos simply click "Add Row" and then begin to upload an image of the logo along with a destination link if desired.


As always, if you experience any issues or would like more information about this topic submit a ticket or give us a call. We would be happy to help!

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