Understanding Your Dashboard


The SmartSite dashboard serves as your welcome screen once you login. Here you will be able to quickly view some statistics or submit a support ticket.



This is where you can get a quick overview of how many visits your website has had in the last 30 days. This section does not provide any in-depth information but it is good to get a general idea of how your SmartSite is performing.

Recent Leads


Here you will find a nice overview of all the leads that were generated by the website. This section will show you what type of lead (ex. web form, phone call), time, and name of person who reached out to your company.


Momentum SmartSite Support

With the SmartSite package, you will get free access to our support center where you can submit questions and make a request. There are a few options here that you can engage in. Depending on severity or type of issue the best contact solution may not always be the same. The options here include; call, submit a ticket, view our help center, or start a live chat. Let's take a deeper dive into these sections.

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