Priority Classifications

For support and maintenance requests or incidents, Momentum will respond within one
business day and will strive to complete requests within the following time frames*:

Low Priority – 5-7 business days – General updates, content updates (copy, images, data, products, etc.)**, general bugs, upgrade requests, new page requests, new feature requests

Medium Priority – 3-5 business days – SSL issues, redirect issues, and script errors are considered medium priority issues. (Note: System may display the priority of these requests as "normal" rather than "medium")

High Priority – 1-2 business days – Web form issues, transaction or quote cart issues, security breaches, and critical errors are considered high priority issues. 

Urgent Priority – Within 1 business day – Website is not accessible or available is considered a high priority issue. 

* - Time frames are approximate and may vary based on customer response, workload, or additional factors. Any tasks that are considered expedited or otherwise need to be completed more quickly than the standard time frame will always be considered billable requests, regardless of available maintenance or retainer time, and are subject to an additional 25% expediting fee.

** - Any content-related updates require all necessary materials to be provided prior to start of work.

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