Marketing Client Best Practices

We have found that our most successful clients and campaigns have a few things in common. Feel free to browse through this and our other resources and use what works best for you. Our goal at Momentum is to make your campaigns successful.

If you want to know how to get the most out of working with us, these 5 tips will help you get these benefits.


1) Set clear expectations from the beginning

It’s important that everyone involved in your marketing campaign is aware of what is expected of them up front. Have the discussion in one of the first meetings you have with your agency about what it is that you want out of the relationship.

Make sure your expectations are reasonable, especially early in the campaign, because it can take time for the campaign to perform. If you get pushback from your agency on your expectations, listen and evaluate what they are saying to see if what they are saying is true, or whether you need to move on to a different company who will serve you better. Once everyone is on the same page, then you are ready to get started.


2) Learn the lingo

You don’t need to be an expert in digital marketing to work with Momentum. You do want to know enough about what we are doing to understand what is going on. You want to be able to know when things are going well, and when they are not going very well.

This is helpful, so you can understand what is going on with the campaign and have helpful input to make it better, instead of just leaving it to us to make all the decisions. Your campaign will perform better if you treat your relationship with Momentum as a partnership, rather than just not understanding what it is that they are doing.


3) Establish a clear working arrangement

To keep everything running smoothly, and perform as well as it possibly can, set a clear division of labor. Know who on your team is responsible for communicating with us, who will handle each task you need to do regarding the campaign (sales data collection, for example), and anything else that needs to be done. It takes some work to set up and get going, but it will save you so much time over the long run.


4) Embrace experimentation

There are always opportunities to improve and get better with your marketing campaign. We should regularly be experimenting and asking for your approval to try new things. The digital marketing industry is constantly changing. Staying the same will leave you behind everyone else who is taking advantage of the changes.

Embracing experimentation will help you find things that make your campaign far better than it was before. Try a new type of campaign that you haven’t been doing before, be willing to new, experimental features that your current platform offers, try increasing your budget to get more leads, and see where they go.


5) Keep us in the loop

When things change with your business, make sure you let your campaign manager know. Changes in your business could lead to new opportunities for your marketing campaign. If you launch a new product, we can help promote it. If there is a restructuring in your company, it might be helpful to align your marketing campaign with the new structure. On this front, it’s better to give us too much information than too little. We can filter through the data and see what will help the campaign perform better.


6) Follow up on your leads

Leads are at the heart of what we do. We want to grow your business and get you more sales and more revenue. Leads are how we do that. To get the most complete picture of what is going on, and to make the campaign the best it can be, we need to know what happens once the leads come to you.

We have a tool to help you do this as efficiently and easily as possibly, our lead tracking system. Make sure you know how to use it and are consistently updating the leads, so we have the best data possible. This will help us make better conclusions about future direction for our campaigns and help us maximize your return on your precious investment. We take your trust in us seriously, and we want to do the best we possibly can on your behalf.


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