Marketing Meeting Structure

Monthly Check-Ins (~8/yr)
Who should attend: Project Owner(s)

Starting out, these will be longer meetings (around 30min-1hr) designed to get you familiar with the metrics, the performance, and what we can expect going forward.
After the first few months, these meetings will become short updates (usually 10-15min) to quickly review performance, as well as talk about any changes taking place in your business. We usually meet by phone call, but this can be done in-person as well.

Quarterly Reviews (2-3/yr)
Who should attend: Key Decision Makers, Project Owner(s)

These meetings are designed for us to dig into the performance of the campaign and make decisions about the details of the campaign. Do any ad groups need to be added, removed, or changed? Are there any keywords that need to be added or removed?

We will also compare results from the previous quarter, and from the same quarter from the previous year, if applicable. This can take place online (using GoToMeeting) or in-person.

Strategy Meetings (1-2/yr)
Who should attend: Key Decision Makers, Project Owner(s)

This meeting will be an opportunity to step back and evaluate the direction of our entire campaign going forward to keep us on a good path. If there have been any major changes in your business, such as a new product line, or new capabilities, we will talk about what we can do to maximize your campaign for these new possibilities.

We will re-evaluate our goals for the campaign and see if they have changed since the last strategy review. We will look at adding new campaigns or services if that is relevant to your goals. This meeting will take place in-person, if possible.

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